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At a quick glance… does your door aperture measure a:-

  • Minimum/Maximum width 790-845mm
  • Minimum height 1980mm
  • Minimum depth 40mm

Some things you need to know before purchasing your No Frills security door.

  • Our security doors fit a door frame measuring a minimum height of 1970mm high.
  • Common door heights fall in this range up to 2080mm.
  • When hung you should have a gap at the top and bottom and it will differ depending on your door frame height.
  • Your door jamb inner depth will need to measure 40mm or over.
  • A No Frills design is able to be hinged on either the left or right.
  • Once you measure your inside door jamb, width and the height and the inner jamb you are sorted!

Make sure you account for door knobs, lamps or obstacles when your door swings open or is closed. Will the security door when mounted avoid these? If not its ok.  You may be able to face mount on the door jamb/frame using our strike plate for the lock to go into.  Refer to ‘How it Works’ tab.

If you have aluminium joinery it may be possible to facemount onto the aluminium framing and use an L shaped strike plate.   Please send a photo or two of ‘your door’ to so we can ascertain any obstacles you might have.

Quickfix is no frills and no fuss!


Armed with the information above, you can pick out the door hanging arrangement thats going to suit you. If you dont do DIY we can arrange installation for $150 in the Auckland area once you have purchased your door.

It may be QUICKFIX but its still a GOODFIX!

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