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YES…. we can install for you!  BUT If you choose to do it yourself hanging a QUICKFIX security door should not take you much time at all. We’ve tried our best to make installation as simple as possible.

We would consider that it is no harder than assembling a piece of knocked down furniture or putting together a barbeque.

You need to be able to drive in 10 square screws and drill one hole. You will need an electric drill, a 9mm drill bit and a No 2 square drive screwdriver.

We hope to bring you a video for easy installation soon.

You can pick your QUICKFIX security door up from us in Onehunga.  Otherwise if you live within the inner Auckland Zone 20km radius for $150 we can install your Quickfix Security Door for you.   If you live way outside of the inner Auckland area, ring Exceed or Hire a Hubby or your local handyman to do it for you.

It may be QUICKFIX but its still a GOODFIX!

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