Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about your Quickfix no frills security door.

We use a sliding patio bolt.  Its easy to use you don’t have to key each time if the family is busy going in and out of the house.  Really easy if you have a pooch you want to secure and not have to lock each time.  The patio bolt when you do require security while upstairs or out the back of the house locks from the top.  Simply keep your spare key on a hook round the corner when a guest comes to the door.
Nope, no way, never.  This is a no frills quick fix security door.  Go to our other website for super fancy screens www.doradoors.co.nz or we can organise a bog standard flyscreen door for you.  Just email me on michelle@quickfixsecurity.co.nz to start the process!
We will eventually add to our design gallery but for now we have various options available at different price points.  Go to our designs page with upfront pricing.  If you are after something super elegant and designer for your home, then visit www.doradoors.co.nz/mixed gallery
If you are not going to hang the door yourself we can do it for you at a charge of $150.  If you live outside of the Auckland area, ring Hire a Hubby or your local handyman to do it for you.
If you choose to do it yourself hanging a DORA door should not take you much time at all.  We’ve tried our best to make installation as simple as possible.
We would consider that it is no harder than assembling a piece of knocked down furniture or putting together a barbeque.
You need to be able to drive in 10 square screws and drill one hole. You will need an electric drill, a 9mm drill bit and a No 2 square drive screwdriver.
We hope to bring you a video for easy installation soon.
Our doors are made of good quality mild steel.  We then zinc plate for first layer of protection and powdercoat black afterwards.  You are assured of a top quality product at the best budget conscious price you will ever find.
Yes.  It depends on your doors aperture.  If it falls within the correct measurements then it can be facemounted using our unique hinge strap and a strike plate for the lock to go into. The handle of your aluminium door must go through the bars.  Careful consideration and measurements prior to purchase will be necessary.  Get in touch with us we can walk you through whats needed.

It may be QUICKFIX but its still a GOODFIX!

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